Update of the general variety

I’m not getting on very well with Celestial Matters. Such a shame because I do remember my A Level physics teacher waxing lyrical about how brilliant it was that the book is set in a universe where the laws of physics are literally Greek. I have to agree with him that I find that idea incredibly interesting but I am completely unenamoured with how the author felt the need to include Greek Gods and slaves in this as well. Also, I can’t get into the mindset of the main character. I really don’t want to give up on the thing. Might have to pick something else up in the meantime. This is usually fatal but nevermind.

I’m on leave from work next week. Burglers beware I am still at home. Lots to do. Happy with my flat at the moment. I’ve gotten rid of a great deal of stuff which makes it tidier and much less cluttered. I also have flowers. I do like having some nice flowers about the place.

I think today’s job will be writing a story and some comedy to wake up my pan galactic gargle blaster fried brain. Let’s see what I can do.

Oh, just turned Radio 4 Extra on to Garrison Keillor’s Radio Show – The News from Lake Wobegon. How fantastic.



“Coincidence?!” (Agrajag)

An author (a horsey letter one) whose blog I follow like a wet Monday after Sunday sun, made a weird almost-symul-post last night when I was mentioning Stevyn’s book on linked facts (of course, really, you can link anything to everything if you try hard enough) and lying about bothering to learn facts to swap  in the pub. We talk about philosophy like everybody else. And sex.

He linked to this article which I am grateful for because it is very interesting.

Interesting but not ground breaking. Human error plays a part in science as much as it does in picking the right colour tie to match your undies. I did know that spinach doesn’t have as much iron in it as people think and Popeye didn’t really help to put the record straight. But I still eat spinach “for the iron” because I enjoy it. Like the dubious facts, we keep on masticating because the facts are so fantastic or cool or easier to say than Apatosaurus that we love chewing the cud again and again.

I didn’t know the “meso-fact” (or that there was such a word) that Mount Everest’s height changes every so often with the tectonic plate movement. I guess every girl needs her heals on a Saturday night in the Himalayas. But would not the scientific fact be that the height of Mount Everest is “xyz” with an associated margin of error to cover the change? A step too far? Of course, we are talking about pub facts and not a Nobel prize entry here.

The article finishes with: “In other words: In a world of information flux, it isn’t what you know that counts—it is how efficiently you can refresh.” That’s the beauty of science – always question, always doubt, always test, test, test. Roll with the changes. Pluto was a God, then a planet and now a dwarf planet – just can’t catch a break, eh?

All this is easy to say when you’re no longer a scientist but a faux lawyer.

Anyway, I need to go for a swim (hopefully not through the flood that stranded me in my flat last Wednesday…).

Oh, and in other news, at 28 yrs old, I am now a Great Aunt (great-aunt?). I shit you not.


So, I happen to have been a bit quiet recently. Sure you missed me. Anyway, news:

Did I mention that I managed to be fifth in this art competition? Probably. But I’m still ridiculously proud. I live a sheltered life. Looking forward to my postcard doodle of something combining comedy, a saxophone and science fiction…

I had vague plans to complete Nanowrimbo this year but it was never going to work, especially in what is now the busiest month of the year for me. So, I am having thoughts on how to create more time to write. I totally enjoy writing short stories so maybe I’ll make a New Years Resolution to write one a fortnight or something (my God, how is it that time again?!). My last year’s resolution is nearly up. Just another 3 books to go (I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t cheat) and I’ve almost finished an excellent book by Ben Elton. Next year I need to be more realistic in my resolutions, although, maybe reading 52 books might be more achievable then. Anyway, I’ll round this one up before the year is out.

Zeitgeist: Armageddon outa here (boom boom)

OK, so the Universe, the Earth and even you (and your dog) are amazing creations of Science/God/Zeus/A rich alien who wanted to play marbles/Q*

*delete as per belief

The Earth in particular is a huge living, breathing organism writhing with pesky life forms, cutting down its beautiful trees and causing The Greenhouse Effect. If the Earth decides that it wants us parasites gone then I don’t think that the answer to the question “who will win in a fight between the human race and Earth?” would be Godzilla because of the teeth, I mean, us.

If the Universe accidentally or on purpose wants to squish us the way it did the dinosaurs (maybe Godzilla wouldn’t win because of natural disaster, OK, money’s on King Kong then) there will be nothing Science can do about it.  Nothing.**

So, what I say is, stop worrying about Armageddon, live the life you have the way you want to – preferably in a non-harmful-to-others way, but who am I to tell you what to do – and realise that the chances of there being another planet with lifeforms such as ours in a Universe, which, by definition, is infinite, is pretty huge. *** And that those aliens will be hurting and killing each other and harming their planet just as we, as a human race, are and, basically, just be grateful that you realise that you are alive.

Here endeth the essay.

Make love not war.


**You can tell me “I told you so” if you survive, best of luck.

***Bigger even than that. Nope, bigger still.


I have not blogged for a whole 7 days.

There must be a reason.

Have you been whisked away by the man of your dreams to a remote island paradise (or even Kilburn, London) and made love to under the stars?

Have you won the lottery and are now on your own private island, being made love to under the stars?

Have you been made offer of a wonderful job at which you have met a man who made love to you under the stars?

Will anyone ever make love to you under the stars?

Probably, the answer to all of these questions is “no”.

What I have been doing is working at work, working at home, popping to London for the recording of “Before They Were Famous” by Ian Leslie, which starred a wonderful female actress who I have seen before and whose name I can not remember and John Finnemore, who has a new sketch show, the try outs for which are every two weeks in Kilburn, London and sleeping.

During none of these events was I made love to under the stars and, anyway,  it is cold at night.



Zeitgeist: A Survey*

*No, not really.

Well, I thought I’d take a break from whittling (Twhittling) on about my MSc to update my poor forgotten blog – viewing figures are at an all time low due to essential traffic on the questionnaire (link on the right btw…*flashes winning smile*).

Unfortunately, I’m halfway through a very off the wall SF book. It’s innovative and well written but not what I should have chosen to read when I’m trying for mindless escapism during a flurry of academic brain activity. I really don’t want to put it down but might have to for a bit. All of this means I won’t be doing another book review for a while!

I just asked Twitter what I should blog about and this is the result (from one long-suffering Twitter mate):


Really not a huge fan of Politics of any kind. I certainly wouldn’t excel at satire although I do love Have I Got News For You and anything David Mitchell says.


Sherlock! I’m about to miss Sherlock!


I really want to see The Iron Lady. Could I have put this in Politics? Oh, and Sherlock Holmes (the film that seems to be always out at the same time as the TV show – good or bad timing?)


Tall Tales! That is the one and only time I will be gracing London with my presence in the near future. They’re recording a pitch for Listen and Often. I’m not sure how else I can help here.


I have a few.


I have some of that too.


Is something that we think we have but don’t. Look, I really don’t want to have to get too deep.


Did I mention I’m doing an MSc and need you to fill out my questionnaire?

Have a cute picture of a puppy**:



Guten Abend!

It is the 9th of December and I have received my first Christmas card. And some excellent stationery from a Twitter friend which I shall enjoy using. I might even have a comedy idea or two to write on the notepad. You never know your luck.

So, the Name Louise’s Tree Kangaroo Daemon competition fell on its nondescript face so I’m going to have to name him myself. I am taking this very seriously and will report back anon.

I have managed to buy myself a plethora of Christmas presents. There’s no money left to buy anyone else anything. Sorry. I do have the partial excuse that I was given a £20 Amazon voucher for joining Love Film. My exciting prezzies include the complete box set of Star Trek Original Series films (something I have wanted for YEARS). It, in turn, includes a very interesting interview with Shatner, Nimoy, Frakes, Stewart and Goldberg. Very interesting indeed. I have also invested in a few books one of which, annoyingly, is stuck in my letter box. Which means I need to invest in a key… Santa?

Looks like I might be going to a book launch (not my book) in the near to middling future. That will be exciting and irrationally scary.

Mach’s gut!



Zeitgeist Vier


Been a while… I’ve not really had anything funny to say but a night with the hilariously low-brow Nic has certainly helped.

Deutschland Noch Einmal

We went to Tall Tales which is a really fun night in Kilburn (London, not Derbyshire or York, which is incidentally near Thirkby High and Low with Osgodby – if only that were hyphenated – and some way away from Eskdaleside cum Ugglebarnby – say that in a North Yorks accent). Their podcast, Listen and Often, is really good too. If you ask me, which you haven’t, you should definitely listen to the podcast and try to go.

Harmless plug over.

I’ve been reading again. Don’t look so astounded. This time a trashy SF novel based on a film I never want to see: The Fifth Element. Any author who more than once a book, let alone page, uses phrases such as “Brat!brat!brat!brat! Brat!brat!brat!brat!” and “Buddabudda!BuddaBudda!” and “ClickityClick…” or similar is… well, I started laughing on page 91 and didn’t stop to the end. The book wasn’t that funny.

This is funny:

A man from out of space

Said, “I’m from a superior race.

You’re all inferior

While I’m superior.”

Then he tripped and fell flat on his face.

~Spike Milligan

Bis bald!


*plays saxophone softly into the night*

Zeitgeist Drei

First of many random photos of Germany - Fuessen.

Guten Abend!

A little bit of news from outside of The Village. Yesterday I went to see a recording of the very funny John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, which is going to be a hilarious sketch show on Radio 4 at some point in September. There was a little drama involving a bomb scare (someone’s dirty laundry outside of the Greek Embassy) and a missed train ending in a very late night, or rather early morning, (2 minutes! 2 fecking minutes!) but all was well. I do love watching radio shows being recorded, more so than TV shows (nothing beats going to the theatre). I havent quite decided why. Probably something to do with watching old footage of The Goon Show being recorded. I grew up with The Goons. Not tonight, but at some point I’ll post about my favourite comedy – most of which are radio shows!

Also. Alles ist in Butter.

Guten Nacht!


Zeitgeist Zwei


Also, hier! Sorry, there. Basically, using that link you can vote for the top 10 science fiction books of all time from a list compiled by “an expert panel”*. I have perused said list and chosen my 10. That is 10 out of the actual 14** (FOURTEEN! It’s worse than I ever thought!) that I have read. I’m not sure I can call myself an SF fan anymore. Quick, to the Library! 

Having written the above, some of my favourite SF books are not even on the list. And some  of the books on the list which I have read, I’m afraid, I didn’t really rate (all 4 of them…!)***.

So, I voted for these:

  • American Gods – Neil Gaiman (Good book.)
  • Brave New World – Aldus Huxley (Seriously, this book screwed with my head. It was amazing.)
  • Going Postal – Terry Pratchett (Lack of choice but wanted to vote for ALL TP. Not my favourite Pratchett.)
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – Douglas Adams (Favourite funny SF. Only funny SF?)
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke (I really loved that book.)
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Tolkien (Not sure if I would have voted for these if I had more choice.)
  • Small Gods – Terry Pratchett (Again, not my favourite but he’s a brilliant writer. Also strictly, to me, TP = fantasy.)
  • The Time Machine – H G Wells (My favourite Wells, so happy to put a tick in that box.)
  • War of the Worlds – H G Wells (Again, probably my second favourite Wells.)
  • 1984 – George Orwell (Another book that twisted my thoughts inside out. Awesome.)

Which have you voted for?

Bis bald!


* A bit like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter only less malleable.

** I didn’t count the books that I will never read because the films have destroyed them for me. There must be 5 or 6.

*** The four books that I have read but didn’t vote for were:

  • Animal Farm – George Orwell (Studied at school and didn’t ever see as SF.)
  • Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman (Purely because I prefered American Gods.)
  • Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman (Bit too much of a kid’s book for me.)
  • The Foundation Trilogy – Issac Asimov (That is the one book – series – I just didn’t rate.)