Zeitgeist Drei

First of many random photos of Germany - Fuessen.

Guten Abend!

A little bit of news from outside of The Village. Yesterday I went to see a recording of the very funny John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, which is going to be a hilarious sketch show on Radio 4 at some point in September. There was a little drama involving a bomb scare (someone’s dirty laundry outside of the Greek Embassy) and a missed train ending in a very late night, or rather early morning, (2 minutes! 2 fecking minutes!) but all was well. I do love watching radio shows being recorded, more so than TV shows (nothing beats going to the theatre). I havent quite decided why. Probably something to do with watching old footage of The Goon Show being recorded. I grew up with The Goons. Not tonight, but at some point I’ll post about my favourite comedy – most of which are radio shows!

Also. Alles ist in Butter.

Guten Nacht!