New Blog (sort of…)

Thought I’d play with the blog settings a bit. Business as usual though.


Be excited, go on!

I am. I am very excited because this is my new, imaginatively named, blog.

This is where I will post comedy, stories and amusing stuff that I have either written or seen. I can’t promise that the comedy will be funny but I can promise that I will think it is. The stories may well be science fiction, if I can throw a bit of comedy in there too, I will. Sometimes the stories will not be funny, hopefully intentionally. I do not apologise for this.

If you have stumbled across this blog and have enjoyed something then please let me know. Comments are welcomed. 

Oh! And I chose the theme because the squiggle in the top left (as you look at the screen) looks a bit like a giant squid. There may also be more about the genus Architeuthis.

I can tell that you are just chomping at the bit to see more. You won’t have to wait long.