Star Trek Convention: Destination London 2012 *Warning: Fan Girl Squee*

Five Captains. One amazing event.

Actually, it was at least 6 Captains. Christopher Pike (Sean Kenney) was there too.

I had a great time even though I spent most of it on various public transport devices reading today’s book of choice: A Scanner Darkly (review to come but it was good). By the way, the Excel centre, if you haven’t been, is HUGE – the Convention was only in two sections of it!!

So, the story.

Like an idiot I forgot my ticket and had to queue for over an hour to pick another up on the Friday, then I queued again for my goodie bag (but this did mean I got another goodie bag with my original ticket on the Saturday). Sadly, the contents became creased over the day but I will endeavour to flatten to sell on eBay. Did I type that out loud? 😉

I bought a print to frame and keep and a Science Officer badge to put on my blue coat – something I’ve wanted since a very small child 🙂 I also decided that the Star Trek magazine (a publication I spent a great deal of gold pressed latinum on as a child) was worth another go at the special convention rate – it came with another goodie bag. That’s the merch now for the fun!

Saturday was better than Friday.

But Friday was still cool, I managed to watch Ronald D Moore, Ira Steven Behr and Brendon Braga (Producers) giving talks and a bit of amazing stunt action on the specially built stunt stage. There were loads more people in costume than I expected (and, randomly, LOTS of Germans). It has inspired me and next time I am definitely going in costume! The “Museum” was quite interesting and I liked the Klingon cafe. People were queueing up to have their photos taken with some random people in Klingon costume – they must have loved it! Generally, there was a nice, friendly, respectful atmosphere. Trekkers stopped and asked those in the most elaborate costumes for photos, stars of the show wandered round with little security. Which brings me onto who I saw, well…

As I say, Friday was a bit disappointing on the famous people stakes, I did manage to spot Sean Kenney. Saturday was brilliant! All I ever want is a glimpse of these people, if I start to talk to them they will all instantly go down in my estimation and who wants that from their all time favourite show, right?

It started with the best really, Walter Koenig (Chekov) smiling at me whilst wandering out of the autograph area. Bless him.

I also managed to spot Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) and Connor Trinneer (Tucker) then, along with Brent Spiner (who is gorgeous) and Michael Dorn, (equally gorgeous) who looks nothing like a Klingon in real life. I must have seen a good many actors/crew that I didn’t recognise as well, like Marianna Hill (Dr Helen Noel) and Lolita Fatijo (Production Assistant). I would have liked to have seen John De Lancie (Q), Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) and Rene Auberjonois (Odo) but you can’t have everything…

Finally, I managed to squeeze myself passed the Captain’s autograph area!

I didn’t see Patrick Stewart but that’s OK because I have seen him before at a convention in MK.

I had a good view of Kate Mulgrew’s flaming red hair. And very lovely she looked too.

I thought I wouldn’t see more of Avery Brooks than the top of his bald head but later on I got a full glimpse. I’ve heard he’s a decent bloke.

The next best bit was watching Scott Bakula autograph for about half an hour whilst I waited for William Shatner to come out. During that half an hour, I completely fell in love, (this shouldn’t be a surprise to those who know me) he has a fantastic smile and was so friendly. Obviously, he’s an actor so was over doing it for the fans but I loved him in Quantum Leap and now I love him more. Honestly, it was half hour of geek girl heaven. *Swoon*

Then Mr Shatner arrived and I broke all the rules in the book. Well, not ALL, but I did sneak a photo that could well have ended up with me out on my ear. Damn flash on my phone gave me away. Still, I now have a picture of my childhood hero/first love and have been about a metre away from him and I can die happy. Although, to be fair, I think he may pop his star-dust glistening clogs first. Bless him.

So, that was it. On the way home, I took a twilight ride on the cable cars over the river.


NB: Will upload photos later when I get over the fact that I was in the same room as Mr Shatner. You only get one chance in this life, especially now there will be a restraining order.



Guten Abend!

It is the 9th of December and I have received my first Christmas card. And some excellent stationery from a Twitter friend which I shall enjoy using. I might even have a comedy idea or two to write on the notepad. You never know your luck.

So, the Name Louise’s Tree Kangaroo Daemon competition fell on its nondescript face so I’m going to have to name him myself. I am taking this very seriously and will report back anon.

I have managed to buy myself a plethora of Christmas presents. There’s no money left to buy anyone else anything. Sorry. I do have the partial excuse that I was given a £20 Amazon voucher for joining Love Film. My exciting prezzies include the complete box set of Star Trek Original Series films (something I have wanted for YEARS). It, in turn, includes a very interesting interview with Shatner, Nimoy, Frakes, Stewart and Goldberg. Very interesting indeed. I have also invested in a few books one of which, annoyingly, is stuck in my letter box. Which means I need to invest in a key… Santa?

Looks like I might be going to a book launch (not my book) in the near to middling future. That will be exciting and irrationally scary.

Mach’s gut!