Now an epic tale…

I returned to the NHS Warehouse since our last visit there and found yet more items of amazement, excitement, intrigue, horror…. well, yes.


Rare serious post about my Job.

I work for the NHS. I have done for a couple of years now and it’s been OK to me so far (with the same ups and downs that every job has and will ever have).

Today, the Associate Director of Corporate Services (probably not his actual job title) took early retirement. He was a bastard by all accounts but also damn good at his job and well-respected.  There were tears, even from those that I thought wouldn’t cry and a very amusing moment when one of our male colleagues got embarrassed when he gave them a hug. He’s not an attractive man, he could be inappropriate but mainly just TMI-wise. He liked a laugh and a piss take, which I got used to and included in eventually. He was alright.

The leaving do was small and quiet. There was lots of cake. The CEO came and gave a speech and he added to it…

And this is why I am posting about this really because I have never thought about why I work for the NHS and what that should mean before. I joined because the company is huge and there were plenty of opportunities at the time. I also fancied a shit load of holidays, a pension and guaranteed sick/maternity leave…

My ex-Director joined because he believed in what the NHS offered (he had been in the company for donkey’s years). The CEO said that he was one of the most vocal Corporate (you know, not Clinical, i.e. one of those that cause ALL the problems in the NHS)  managers in Board meetings, not trying to cut corners or undermine the values of the NHS but, on the contrary, constantly asking “how does that affect our patients?” and “what impact does that have on our service users?” etc. He truly believed in what the NHS do.

I only realised that at the end. Now, we’ve lost one of the great champions of the values of the NHS – how many more will we lose? But, you know, for what it’s worth, I will take that sentiment forward…

Maybe in 40 years time I’ll be having a similar leaving do, quiet, without much fuss and inspiring another young hopeful manager to uphold the values of the largest organisation in Europe, maybe also giving my collection money to a charity of my choice too. Thanks P.

On a personal note, I didn’t know him well but I’ll miss his laugh – I’ve never heard louder or dirtier.

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A continuing saga

Continuing our series of what is to be found in the back rooms of the NHS. This month: a disused warehouse. The warehouse I was packing boxes in, thus:

This is less than half of them....

Many desks, filing cabinets, chairs and other assorted random furniture. Also, some family photos and this cryptic message:

Then, behind a wall of desks I found these. Some for the geeks:

Some for the adventurers:

Some for the inquisitive:

Others for the wildlife enthusiasts (some perhaps more enthusiastic than others):

Other assorted goodies:

And one for me:

A long time ago…

… not quite in a Galaxy far, far away. I promised a Photo Essay (a phrase I have gleefully stolen from somewhere and will endeavour not to use again) now more like a Photo Album on “What the NHS Keep in Their Back Rooms” It just so transpires that this evening will be your lucky evening. And I want to play with the feature that lets you add photos to this type of blog.

The story goes like this:

When I started my new job in the NHS, I was seconded out to help update some IT programmes in various GP surgeries across the county that I live in. Let it be publicly known that I am not an IT Technician, nor am I in the least bit technically minded, in fact I resented the whole thing but the powers that be thought I was the best person for the job, or new enough not to complain. So, there I found myself stood in front of various pieces of equipment, the first of which I (I wish I was joking) could not find the on switch for, damning the day I ever first laid eyes on a fracking PC. However, had I not have been forced out on to this Field of Duty, I would not have discovered these beauties hidden in a disused (and horribly dusty) back room of a GP Surgery. I will let you speculate as to how some of these items found themselves in the possession of the NHS as a whole but it is a true fact that that is exactly where they were held…

Random is the word…