Book 22: Hannah’s List (Debbie Macomber)

Apparently a New York Times Bestseller. Nope.

I have decided it is OK to review books that I deliberately decide not to waste time reading every page. I managed about 100 pages before deciding that this really isn’t for me. The idea is a really good one – dying wife leaves husband list of women she thinks he should consider marrying. The execution was awful. Luckily for me this book was free in the book box at work and that is exactly where it is going back to!

I’ve just googled reviews to find the ending. I did. I really dislike reviewers who give everything away about a book. Still, it was a better read then the thing itself. I’m not going to link to it. A quick Google search will work if you are that interested.

0/10 – don’t bother, really, don’t.


Book 19: Jubilee (Shelley Harris)

Nothing groundbreaking, I’m afraid. Just your bog standard soap story. If it weren’t a Jubilee year, I’m not sure this would have been in the Tesco chart. Some quaint 1970’s stuff in the back – which I’m sure I’d be all nostalgic over if I had been more than but a twinkle in my father’s eye then.

Have little else to say so I thought I’d address the “for discussion” questions at the back like GCSE English (and try not to sound too unintentionally sarcastic):

1) Do photographs hide more than they reveal? No, but people do.

2) “What’s past is so long ago it doesn’t matter anymore.” Does Satish (main character) grow to believe this completely? No, without giving too much away, I think he does what he did at the end for his daughter. On a personal note, I think that the past is what defines us in the present and, as such, is very important.

3)” To understand all is to forgive all.” True? To some extent but not to such extremes.

4) What techniques does the author employ to ramp up the tension? We all know and have read books with the techniques used here. Unfortunately, I could have told you how the story ended from very early on so nothing surprising or particularly tense for me.

5) To what extent is a sense of belonging the central theme of Jubilee? I didn’t get the idea that a sense of belonging was the issue. I think it was more betrayal.

6) How important is it that the novel is set on the cusp of punk? I don’t get the punk movement. What I would say to this is, the Jubilee took place at a date which was not decided by the author so I reckon this is pretty arbitrary.

7) Is it important that doctors wear white coats? We’re meant to be talking about respect here, aren’t we?

8) “In the end like goes to like; A natural balance is in place.” Is there any truth to this? I was taught as a scientist that opposites attract.

9) “Karma is not retribution. It is the natural outcome of the choices we make.” Is this your understanding? I don’t believe in Karma.

10) What is the significance of food in the novel? All the stuff about food has made me go and buy a cake. (It signifies childish behaviour)

11) “Each day we are given another chance.” Do you agree? Yes, I like that.

12) To what extent is the novel about “the terror of revelation”? One would assume to some extent otherwise there wouldn’t be this question but I didn’t see it beyond a very basic level.

13) “We’re all better than the worst thing we’ve done.” Always true do you think? No.

3/10 – same old story packaged up in red, white and blue. (Edit: I should say, I did like the cover though, nice colours.)

In an unrelated note, this is one of my favourite songs:

And because I can’t really do that to poor old amazing Beethoven…

*Heart breaks*

(I found a version with added strings and fake singing, no, no, no, I prefer the piano solo on its own – if that’s not too much of a tautology. And a bit slower than this… even if it’s not meant to be so. I knows what I like. Relish the ever repeating, heart wrenching er… broken chords. It has been a long time since music GCSE. Or since I played the piano, come to think of it. Right, I’m going now before I send you all to sleep. Will leave Beethoven to do that.)

Merry Christmas!!

I have posted this literally everywhere I can think of (maybe not literally) and I absolutely adore it! Have some weird Christmas Carols (all is explained on the video):



After careful consideration my favourite line is: “of lola la la la la not”.