Now an epic tale…

I returned to the NHS Warehouse since our last visit there and found yet more items of amazement, excitement, intrigue, horror…. well, yes.


A continuing saga

Continuing our series of what is to be found in the back rooms of the NHS. This month: a disused warehouse. The warehouse I was packing boxes in, thus:

This is less than half of them....

Many desks, filing cabinets, chairs and other assorted random furniture. Also, some family photos and this cryptic message:

Then, behind a wall of desks I found these. Some for the geeks:

Some for the adventurers:

Some for the inquisitive:

Others for the wildlife enthusiasts (some perhaps more enthusiastic than others):

Other assorted goodies:

And one for me:

A long time ago…

… not quite in a Galaxy far, far away. I promised a Photo Essay (a phrase I have gleefully stolen from somewhere and will endeavour not to use again) now more like a Photo Album on “What the NHS Keep in Their Back Rooms” It just so transpires that this evening will be your lucky evening. And I want to play with the feature that lets you add photos to this type of blog.

The story goes like this:

When I started my new job in the NHS, I was seconded out to help update some IT programmes in various GP surgeries across the county that I live in. Let it be publicly known that I am not an IT Technician, nor am I in the least bit technically minded, in fact I resented the whole thing but the powers that be thought I was the best person for the job, or new enough not to complain. So, there I found myself stood in front of various pieces of equipment, the first of which I (I wish I was joking) could not find the on switch for, damning the day I ever first laid eyes on a fracking PC. However, had I not have been forced out on to this Field of Duty, I would not have discovered these beauties hidden in a disused (and horribly dusty) back room of a GP Surgery. I will let you speculate as to how some of these items found themselves in the possession of the NHS as a whole but it is a true fact that that is exactly where they were held…

Random is the word…