Apparently English

I’ve been thinking about the New Year again. As you will have already read (no one reads this blog) I have decided that in 2013 I will read and review 20 assorted novels and write 13 short stories. That one still stands.

Then, I was sent a link to this: The Plain English Campaign (for the record I think this is a very good idea)and thought why not use it to increase my vocabulary too? Well, I read their A to Z of Alternative Words for those pompous moments and I use most of them regularly. The only words I have not used before (out of 35 pages full) were:

  • ameliorate (improve, help)
  • axiomatic (obvious)
  • evince (prove)
  • ex officio (because of his or her position)*
  • hold in abeyance (postpone)
  • profusion of (plenty)
  • promulgate (advertise)
  • pursuant to (under)

* singing in carols doesn’t count

I guess I’ll have to find a different way to learn some words. Any ideas? I should probably concentrate on German really. I shall look into appropriate ways to make this happen.

Also, I have decided it’s a sensible thing to write a list of the books I want to read. I hear lots of people do this.

And finally, not just cleaning up your home…




So, I happen to have been a bit quiet recently. Sure you missed me. Anyway, news:

Did I mention that I managed to be fifth in this art competition? Probably. But I’m still ridiculously proud. I live a sheltered life. Looking forward to my postcard doodle of something combining comedy, a saxophone and science fiction…

I had vague plans to complete Nanowrimbo this year but it was never going to work, especially in what is now the busiest month of the year for me. So, I am having thoughts on how to create more time to write. I totally enjoy writing short stories so maybe I’ll make a New Years Resolution to write one a fortnight or something (my God, how is it that time again?!). My last year’s resolution is nearly up. Just another 3 books to go (I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t cheat) and I’ve almost finished an excellent book by Ben Elton. Next year I need to be more realistic in my resolutions, although, maybe reading 52 books might be more achievable then. Anyway, I’ll round this one up before the year is out.