Apparently English

I’ve been thinking about the New Year again. As you will have already read (no one reads this blog) I have decided that in 2013 I will read and review 20 assorted novels and write 13 short stories. That one still stands.

Then, I was sent a link to this: The Plain English Campaign (for the record I think this is a very good idea)and thought why not use it to increase my vocabulary too? Well, I read their A to Z of Alternative Words for those pompous moments and I use most of them regularly. The only words I have not used before (out of 35 pages full) were:

  • ameliorate (improve, help)
  • axiomatic (obvious)
  • evince (prove)
  • ex officio (because of his or her position)*
  • hold in abeyance (postpone)
  • profusion of (plenty)
  • promulgate (advertise)
  • pursuant to (under)

* singing in carols doesn’t count

I guess I’ll have to find a different way to learn some words. Any ideas? I should probably concentrate on German really. I shall look into appropriate ways to make this happen.

Also, I have decided it’s a sensible thing to write a list of the books I want to read. I hear lots of people do this.

And finally, not just cleaning up your home…




So, I am very, very behind on my 52 books per year…

9 books behind… I may not catch up but I will try.

I am, on the hand, reading one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I hope it carries on so. Will obviously review when I finish.

And, I am waiting for my Warhorses of Letters to arrive which has taken a very long time. Wondering what has happened to it… hmmm. So, that’ll be an extra review when it comes.

And I’ve still got the last The Pirates! to read and the new The Pirates! to read. I might polish off some short books in the meantime too. So, you never know, I might catch up.

As long as I am reading, that is the main thing.

Bit of a non-post but update needed.

Have another pretty picture: