52 Books (ish – don’t judge me) A Year

And so, after nearly a whole year, I have finally completed my resolution to read and review 52 novels. That is what I did.

Sort of.

The real (main) idea was simply to read more because for the last couple of years I’ve only read a handful of books and I love reading. The secondary idea was to have a go at a review or two because I enjoy that as well. How did I really do? Here come the stats!

I read a grand total of 26 novels, 1 play, 3 loo books, 4 (officially) kids books, my first e-book, a science book, a CV, a biography on Shakespeare, 2 autobiographies, some letters written by horses, at least 3 really bad books, a good few short stories, a Pratchett, a practical guide for wartime American soldiers, a social reading project book (mammoth count of 5 books because it was huge) and 1 non-finisher. And I reviewed them all! Even if some reviews were very short. I’ve tried some new genres and re-discovered my love of Science Fiction. More importantly I have read more! I think the most I read in a week was 4 books. Unheard of.

I have also found a plethora of weird photos online.

So, that’s that. I will continue to make more time to read. I collected a good number of book recommendations and will enjoy reading them at my leisure. I hope to continue to review the ones I like too.

Which brings me to my 2013 resolution…

Read and review 20 books AND write 13 short (or long) stories.


We’ll see how it goes. And, oh yes, next year… no cheating!

Book 22: Hannah’s List (Debbie Macomber)

Apparently a New York Times Bestseller. Nope.

I have decided it is OK to review books that I deliberately decide not to waste time reading every page. I managed about 100 pages before deciding that this really isn’t for me. The idea is a really good one – dying wife leaves husband list of women she thinks he should consider marrying. The execution was awful. Luckily for me this book was free in the book box at work and that is exactly where it is going back to!

I’ve just googled reviews to find the ending. I did. I really dislike reviewers who give everything away about a book. Still, it was a better read then the thing itself. I’m not going to link to it. A quick Google search will work if you are that interested.

0/10 – don’t bother, really, don’t.