Hello Sweetie *Spoilers*

Long overdue Dr Who post I think because I shall miss it tonight. I thought the last episode of this series was excellent. In fact all in all a brilliant series all together. Matt Smith is definitely growing on me as The Doctor. He is a very versatile actor moving from comedy to powerful and scary seamlessly. I won’t be too sad to see the back of Amy and Rory though. Wouldn’t mind if River turned up every now and then but hoping for different companions in the next series.

Anyway, the spoilery bit is about the Dr Who Exhibition in Kensington Olympia. There until February next year (I think). I managed to leave a serious, grown up conference early so that I could go upstairs into SF land. It was pretty awesome. I don’t want to give too much away but hopefully these bits of spoilers will encourage a few of you to go. There’s an interactive bit and a proper exhibitiony bit afterwards.

I loved the interactive bit. If you saw the exhibition at Earl’s Court the other year, it’s different to that. Better. There’s a bit of a story told by The Doctor himself (yes, Matt Smith) and you not only get to ride in the TARDIS but pilot it too! Also, there are all the scariest enemies (in really, really freaky 3D!), some in their natural habitat. I’m glad they toned down the scariness of the Dalek bit from the last exhibition (but the added bits make it better, IMO). I did see kids being rather too scared then. I mean, they are meant to be scary but not in a scared-for-life kinda way.

The exhibition itself is great. Lots of models of aliens and all The Doctor’s costumes from Hartnell to Smith – which was really, very cool and made me chuckle (especially at Tom Baker’s lapel pins). You can see examples of some of the Sonic Screwdrivers too. There are some interactive bits in this part as well. You can make yourself sound like a Dalek or Cyberman and play around with the theme tune. Also, you can have a photo (I doubt that is free though – I didn’t do it).

It cost £20 for an adult and I think it was worth it. I was lucky to go when there were not many other people around (a few who had obviously been to the conference, I might add) so I didn’t spend more than an hour there purely because I could read all the information etc. etc. quickly and, to be fair, I wanted to get home at a decent time. If there are loads of kids it’ll take you a bit longer to get around. It’s timed entry for the interactive bit at the start so shouldn’t, by nature, get too rammed.

Oooo eee ooooo da dooo da doooo, ooo eee oooo da do da do

My final bit of advice is, when you get inside the exhibition, pay attention to where the loos are.

P.S. I love that this spell check recognises Dalek! Ha!