At the Final Count

Right, I have decided what my (public) New Years Resolutions are. Hold on to your hats!

1) 20 book reviews 13 short stories – already explained.

2) Play the saxophone regularly – every week, preferably more so. I read somewhere that if you start a saxophone diary you can keep track of what you have learned whether that be a trick or just a length of time without wobbling on a note. So, that will be a new blog.

3) Learn a German sentence every day. Whether that be 7 on a Sunday or one a day. This may be tough to remember to do let alone actually remember the sentences. Either way I’ll blog about that here.

4) Read the news everyday and formulate some opinions. Again, prepare yourself for news-y blog posts.

5) Remember to look after my health.

6) Already mentioned, write a list of books that I want to read and maintain this here.

I thought about spending less time online but then I realised if I did that my main form of social interaction (even if it is via social media) would be curtailed and there’s no guarantee that a real live person or people would fill the gap. So will just have to play that one by ear.

I think I’m done boring you with resolutions. We shall see how long they last. Can you tell I’m trying to fill my MSc time? Maybe this will all go to pot in February if I decide to start a PhD? We shall see.

Usually, I do a round-up of what I have achieved in the previous 12 months at this time of year but I am loath to do that here as it is a bit more personal and private. I might do it. It might be good therapy. It might not. I’ll think about it. I will say that I am generally feeling more positive so that is a very good thing.

Have a good week people!



Apparently English

I’ve been thinking about the New Year again. As you will have already read (no one reads this blog) I have decided that in 2013 I will read and review 20 assorted novels and write 13 short stories. That one still stands.

Then, I was sent a link to this: The Plain English Campaign (for the record I think this is a very good idea)and thought why not use it to increase my vocabulary too? Well, I read their A to Z of Alternative Words for those pompous moments and I use most of them regularly. The only words I have not used before (out of 35 pages full) were:

  • ameliorate (improve, help)
  • axiomatic (obvious)
  • evince (prove)
  • ex officio (because of his or her position)*
  • hold in abeyance (postpone)
  • profusion of (plenty)
  • promulgate (advertise)
  • pursuant to (under)

* singing in carols doesn’t count

I guess I’ll have to find a different way to learn some words. Any ideas? I should probably concentrate on German really. I shall look into appropriate ways to make this happen.

Also, I have decided it’s a sensible thing to write a list of the books I want to read. I hear lots of people do this.

And finally, not just cleaning up your home…