Update of the general variety

I’m not getting on very well with Celestial Matters. Such a shame because I do remember my A Level physics teacher waxing lyrical about how brilliant it was that the book is set in a universe where the laws of physics are literally Greek. I have to agree with him that I find that idea incredibly interesting but I am completely unenamoured with how the author felt the need to include Greek Gods and slaves in this as well. Also, I can’t get into the mindset of the main character. I really don’t want to give up on the thing. Might have to pick something else up in the meantime. This is usually fatal but nevermind.

I’m on leave from work next week. Burglers beware I am still at home. Lots to do. Happy with my flat at the moment. I’ve gotten rid of a great deal of stuff which makes it tidier and much less cluttered. I also have flowers. I do like having some nice flowers about the place.

I think today’s job will be writing a story and some comedy to wake up my pan galactic gargle blaster fried brain. Let’s see what I can do.

Oh, just turned Radio 4 Extra on to Garrison Keillor’s Radio Show – The News from Lake Wobegon. How fantastic.