Zeitgeist: A Survey*

*No, not really.

Well, I thought I’d take a break from whittling (Twhittling) on about my MSc to update my poor forgotten blog – viewing figures are at an all time low due to essential traffic on the questionnaire (link on the right btw…*flashes winning smile*).

Unfortunately, I’m halfway through a very off the wall SF book. It’s innovative and well written but not what I should have chosen to read when I’m trying for mindless escapism during a flurry of academic brain activity. I really don’t want to put it down but might have to for a bit. All of this means I won’t be doing another book review for a while!

I just asked Twitter what I should blog about and this is the result (from one long-suffering Twitter mate):


Really not a huge fan of Politics of any kind. I certainly wouldn’t excel at satire although I do love Have I Got News For You and anything David Mitchell says.


Sherlock! I’m about to miss Sherlock!


I really want to see The Iron Lady. Could I have put this in Politics? Oh, and Sherlock Holmes (the film that seems to be always out at the same time as the TV show – good or bad timing?)


Tall Tales! That is the one and only time I will be gracing London with my presence in the near future. They’re recording a pitch for Listen and Often. I’m not sure how else I can help here.


I have a few.


I have some of that too.


Is something that we think we have but don’t. Look, I really don’t want to have to get too deep.


Did I mention I’m doing an MSc and need you to fill out my questionnaire?

Have a cute picture of a puppy**:



Comments welcome

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