Zeitgeist: Armageddon outa here (boom boom)

OK, so the Universe, the Earth and even you (and your dog) are amazing creations of Science/God/Zeus/A rich alien who wanted to play marbles/Q*

*delete as per belief

The Earth in particular is a huge living, breathing organism writhing with pesky life forms, cutting down its beautiful trees and causing The Greenhouse Effect. If the Earth decides that it wants us parasites gone then I don’t think that the answer to the question “who will win in a fight between the human race and Earth?” would be Godzilla because of the teeth, I mean, us.

If the Universe accidentally or on purpose wants to squish us the way it did the dinosaurs (maybe Godzilla wouldn’t win because of natural disaster, OK, money’s on King Kong then) there will be nothing Science can do about it.  Nothing.**

So, what I say is, stop worrying about Armageddon, live the life you have the way you want to – preferably in a non-harmful-to-others way, but who am I to tell you what to do – and realise that the chances of there being another planet with lifeforms such as ours in a Universe, which, by definition, is infinite, is pretty huge. *** And that those aliens will be hurting and killing each other and harming their planet just as we, as a human race, are and, basically, just be grateful that you realise that you are alive.

Here endeth the essay.

Make love not war.


**You can tell me “I told you so” if you survive, best of luck.

***Bigger even than that. Nope, bigger still.



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