Spoof News: Prof goes Potty for Tea.

I do apologise for re-blogging old stuff. At the moment I’m working on a competition or two and thus can not use any new stuff produced in my blog. Still, oldies are goodies, right? One thing I should have mentioned in my bio is that I am completely addicted to tea…

It was reported today that Professor Potts of the University of Nottingham was taken to the Care of Senile Yokels (CoSY) rehabilitation centre in Lenton in the early hours of yesterday morning. Medics and police converged on his Beeston home late yesterday evening sectioning him under the Mental Health Act. An eye witness account, described the scene as “messy” and went on to say that, “I knew him well, he was obsessed with tea and cups, that’s all he lived for. His poor, poor wife.”

Mrs Potts, the Professor’s long suffering wife gave a statement earlier this morning, “ Still,” she said, “I can take the kids to somewhere other than the Tea World theme park now” and, whilst obviously emotional, she goes on to say, “All I ever wanted was a cup of coffee.”

The Professor has worked for many years at the University. He started with a PhD in Infusology and has been studying this, which has now been uncovered as a completely made up subject, for over 30 years now. A spokesperson for the University of Nottingham stated, “After a long and fruitful career, we are sad that Professor Potts turned out to be two sandwiches short of a picnic. But all the students have sent him a card.” When asked how the University let him study this unique subject for so long, the spokesperson replied, “Oh, we know he made his subject area up but he was here so long we didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Yes, it’s true, many of the students and staff were laughing behind his back but we all wish him well.”

The turning point came when the Professor was found wandering round Attenborough Nature Reserve dressed in nothing but a strategically placed tea cosy, offering the general public tea bags and laughing maniacally. David (age 8 ) saw the Professor at the park and has stated he “heard the Professor singing a silly song and doing a funny dance” which, apparently, made him “giggle.”


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