Black Carrots

Yesterday at work I got everything done that I needed to do which included reading an article on how your online presence can negatively affect your chance of getting a new job. Did I mention that I did all my work that day? All of it.

Also, we had a wonderful conversation which veered from our usual philosophical and law related debate and onto old game shows (Blankety Blank – why a cheque book and pen?) and black carrots.

Black carrots? Yes! I had a drink from the M&S van (M&S delivered straight to the door – pure luxury) which was meant to be a  treat but which, sadly, tasted exactly like Calpol. So I looked at the ingredients which included black carrot concentrate. The drink was diet pink lemonade!

Well, I had to (after work) google this weird unheard of vegetable and apparently it *is* a thing. And look! There is a carrot museum! I have had hours of fun perusing. Look at the recipes! Carrots in art, carrots in literature, carrots in history but my favourite is carrot musical instruments. Watch this space….

Do you know any other black vegetable*? Why not leave details in the comments below for further discussion?

*not dark purple