So, I don’t usually write personal posts. Not since my last blog. But I use writing as therapy so I’m blogging my experience last night. Or morning. It was at least post 6am.

I had a dream.

It was not a nice dream. I have had few nightmares since my dad died. But since I moved to live on my own I find that certain nightmares return or new ones appear.

It has been a while since a new dream has appeared (and I am already censoring myself – maybe in the book I am writing, one of my characters will have uncensored bad dreams).

Last night, I dreamt that I was talking to an imaginary boss at work. That boss told me that I was underperforming. That I wasn’t working up to the band that I am being paid for let alone being up for promotion. I tried to respond. But there was drilling. Really loud drilling. So loud I couldn’t be heard. So loud that I could feel my lips going numb with the vibration. No one could hear my response. So I ran. I ran out of the building (which was my current office). I ran into the street and ended up in some random streets, running, running with a random person, trying to get them to safety. I was afraid. They were afraid. I ended up at a dead-end. Big iron gates that would not let anyone through. I turned and walked back. That is when I woke.

And had to endure a job interview.

There’s no hidden meaning. It’s pretty clear. And it felt damn real.

I just had to tell someone about it.

God, I hate job interviews.