Dear… This Is Me

Inspired by this, I thought I’d join in. Why not? Once I work out how to put the button up, I will.

Week 1: 10 things you would tell 16 year old you.

1) Apply for Cambridge – you probably won’t get in but you will regret it forever if you don’t try.

2) Really think about what you want to do a degree in and where and make that decision yourself. That means on your own. Yes, you can.

3) Don’t give up German at AS Level, or the piano and take up the saxophone now. And get singing lessons too. And tap dancing. Basically, don’t let “them” stop you doing what you want to do.

4) Ask that guy out. And that one. And the other one. Especially the other one. The more you do the easier it is to take a “no thanks”.

5) Your mum means well. Try to understand her.

6) Let people in. The more open you can be the better you connect with other humans. Really, they don’t actually care because everyone is stuck in their own little heads so what does it matter if you tell them stuff if it makes you an ally or two.

7) Stop obsessing. It will get you into embarrassing situations you can avoid if you control it now. Move on!

8) Stop being so quiet and modest. You are awesome and capable and independent and intelligent. Learn to tell people this. If they don’t like it, it is their problem, not yours.

9) The fact that you have not conquered the above things yet and that nothing seems to turn out the way you want it to really doesn’t matter because you are a survivor. You will survive the next 13 eventful years (and a lot of bad stuff will happen) and become stronger.

10) Sorry, no, it doesn’t get easier but, when in doubt, refer to point 9 above.