Who are you and what are you doing here?

Well, I’m me. There’s not much else to say there really. Google probably won’t help you much either. I like to write comedy and science fiction so I am doing that here amongst other stuff. One day, you never know, I might do it elsewhere too.

Also, the 2013 challenge is to read and review 20 books and write 13 short stories. I will try to choose 20 books that are interesting in some unique way. All that (amongst other stuff) will occur here. There will be no cheating this year. Nope.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy!

2 comments on “Who are you and what are you doing here?

  1. Well, someone I follow on Twitter re-tweeted you and voila! There appeared on my timeline someone named Paddock that wasn’t one of my daughters – at least I don’t think you are – or actor Sam Neill’s winery. So I followed the link. And I enjoyed what I read here. Wouldn’t mind at all if we’re somehow family. Cheers.

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