Radio Ga Ga. A poll.

I have totally added a gorgeous radio to my New Year’s stash. My 3 pre-set stations are R4, R4EX and R2. Currently listening to Simon and Garfunkel & ABBA (Ahahhhh) on R2. I am just so rock and roll. Last night I went to bed at 9pm!

Anyway, I’m a bit stuck on what to read next so I thought I’d try a poll thingy on a few books I have on my shelf. Idea is that you guys vote and I pick the book that gets the most votes and read it. Then review, I guess. Let’s see how spectacularly this fails.

The only thing I have written recently is a long discourse to Anglian Water on how they still owe me money.

Anyway, here:

Edit: poll is over, too late.


Comments welcome

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