Book 41: Back Story (David Mitchell)

The comedian.

Mitchell still comes across as a nice enough guy. There’s a sweet chapter about Victoria. I like his bit on agnosticism.

And it made my laugh.

I’m not going to give an autobiography marks out of 10 because that would be silly. I had to read it so quickly because I’ve already sold the thing (for a profit).

In other news, still reading The Quincunx – although, hilariously, I’ve almost finished it (this does not mean that I am not still counting it as 5 books!). This just goes to show that it’s not necessarily that I read slowly…


One comment on “Book 41: Back Story (David Mitchell)

  1. Good review, you can check out the new book trailer for the paperback and also follow his new videos which will be released over the next few weeks, David takes the walk he refers to in the book and stops at certain points to recount memories and make typically David-esque observations. Watch the video here and keep up to date with the forthcoming videos

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