The Quincunx #quincunx

This is my first, very quick, comment on the book. I am trying to get ahead, deliberately, because I was always a swot but also because I can be a slow reader who is constantly distracted by life and other miseries.

Anyway, I have motored ahead today and I just want to comment on how fantastic the book is shaping out to be. Personally, I find the Dickensian style gratifyingly easy to read and being able to translate the odd bit of Latin makes me feel clever (like I said, I was always a swot). I am completely drawn into the story which is both incredibly well set out and intriguing, the more you read the greater the mystery and the thicker the plot. I’m kind of glad that the book is as long as it is! I have high hopes for the rest.

I am very much looking forward to sharing thoughts with the others reading it at the moment. I hope they are enjoying it as much as I am!

Also, in the 52 books a year stakes, I reckon this counts for at least 5 separate entries.

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