Book 36: The Girl you Left Behind (Jojo Moyes)

Firstly, I should say that I received this book free of charge from


Secondly, I do believe that Jojo Moyes is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

I absolutely loved Me Before You and had high hopes for this book. It did not disappoint. I absolutely hate giving out spoilers in reviews so I will try to keep this to an absolute minimum. The book is centred around a portrait of Sophie, a French woman living in a small village, who was torn from her husband (the artist) during the First World War. The story is as much about Sophie as it is about Liv, a widower in modern day London, alone in the Glass House built by her late architect husband. It is about how Sophie risked everything for the hope of seeing her husband again and how Liv risks everything to hold on to the painting that means so much to her. I admire how the author skillfully draws similarities between Sophie’s and Liv’s relationships in such differing periods of World history. The story is so vivid you can feel the despair and desperation of the small French village and it’s people during the occupied France. I was almost unhappy that Part 1 ended and we took up the narrative in modern day London but it definitely worked with the final part of Sophie’s story woven neatly with Liv’s. Most of all I loved the ending. I do enjoy a good twist. You will find yourself hoping along with Sophie against all rationality and then…. Well, if you aren’t sobbing from chapter 35 onwards (or even earlier) you are a heartless beast. Image

I also adore how the word “Tardis” has worked its way into everyday speech. Almost completely irrelevant but I am an SF buff.

10/10 – entirely my cup of tea.


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