Lucky Dip

My morning can be summed up in the eponymous hero Mark from Peep Show’s words:

“Eugh, Kettering.”

But then a lovely man told me I have a nice smile  without trying to sell me anything and that made me feel better.

The brilliant shop with all the books has obviously realised that Kettering do not read books and gotten rid of them all (shame) so I went to The Works instead. Almost bought 4 books for £5 but, as I was picking them at random anyway, I thought I’d have a go at their book lucky dip.

One bag containing three books costing £2 chosen from a box full of the blue bags. How exciting. I couldn’t wait until coming home so opened them on Zek in my gym car park. These are the books I ended up with:

Am actually quite excited about reading the Gatiss. You will notice that the Flying Scotsman not only has a skull and cross-bones on the front but blood coming out of the chimney – might be a laugh. And the other looks silly enough to make me chuckle too. Still, a bloody good idea in my opinion. Well done The Works.


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