Book 24: I Shall Wear Midnight (Terry Pratchett)

Listen, I have spent ages recently trying to find a book about strong females and I’ve not quite found the right sort of thing. The other day I picked up a book that I’ve had for a long while but just haven’t read yet, by one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time, for a bit of light relief and I find that the book I’ve been looking for has been on my shelf all along!

I think I will very soon have to re-read the Discworld set. I think these (and Douglas Adams) are going to be some of the few books that I will happily read over and over again.

Anyway, highlights in this particular story for  me include the mention of Elastic String Theory and an alluding to someone who might well be Ankh Morpork’s Stephen Hawking. A cameo by the woman who became a wizard, the use of the phrase “seriously ran” and some random latin. Also, a popping up of a few of the Watch which make any story for me. I love the Pratchett’s which include mention of the Watch (which, to be fair, are most).

Oh and this, “Cock a doodle crivens!”

9/10 – purely because I’m comparing to other books by Pratchett and I know which are my absolute favourites.



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