Book 20: The Book of Summers (Emylia Hall)

Whilst my mate is hogging my shower I’ll write up this book review.

I seem to be reading books in groups of two. This is another book about photographs. The general theme with photos is that they unlock memories for the people involved. A useful narrative device in any story.

I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this book but I really did. It’s a happy book with, what I’d call, a poetic style. But not too much so.  I enjoyed the twist and I enjoyed the hope in the last sentence of the epilogue (don’t be skipping straight to the back now!) It wasn’t particularly tense but it didn’t need to be. It’s a book that I could see myself writing. I think the author is about my age too.

I don’t have time to do all the reading group questions but here are a couple:

1) Where there any moments in the novel you found particularly touching? If so, why? There are lots of different moments between Beth and the other characters that are touching. It makes the book a lovely thing to read. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Beth and Tomas.

2) What do you think of the depiction of first love in the novel? I had this as the answer to question one a couple of minutes ago… I loved the relationship between Beth and Tomas. All of it. I totally believe that you can love someone you only spend two weeks of the year with. I totally believe in teenage love moving into adulthood. I totally believe they will end up married, living in hungary with children and happy as anyone can be.

6/10 – this is more than I thought I would give this book. I believe I identify more with the author than any of the characters but it was a happy, hopeful book and I liked that.

Aside: All books should have interviews with the authors at the back! There are some reading suggestions in the back of this one which I am going to try too.


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