Book 15: The Two Week Wait (Sarah Rayner)

I decided to continue my journey away from my usual reading genres mainly because I felt like I wanted something mind numbing and easy to read. Also, because I wanted to feel like I could actually finish something.

I asked on Twitter for some funny and heartwarming suggestions and got a couple which I have ordered from Amazon but I also looked in Tesco for their 2 for £7 deal (not much more than on Amazon, new and no waiting for the post). It seems to me that all the books out at the moment are much of a muchness, all blue shiny hues with an out of focus photo denoting ‘memory’ or similar, most are written by women and look to be about relationships of some form or other.  This made it difficult to choose, so in the end I went for the two books I found with characters called ‘Lou’. Instant identification.

I read this first as it had an unusual and interesting subject matter: IVF treatment.  At first it was just what I needed, easy to read and not intellectual in the same way as an SF or a medieval murder mystery would be. As the plot rolled on, I was glad that it was not a trashy romance (which is what I assumed I’d end up reading) and I really warmed to the story. The writer (and this is probably something to do with the fact that it was a woman) has written a very emotionally mature and sensitive book, even down to the little criticisms women often give others, whether they are voiced or not. It all felt very real.

I got a little annoyed at the obligatory writer character, the attempt at humourous diversion in the form of a friend and the odd cringe making simile. All seemed forced. I did chuckle at one point but the book isn’t meant to be funny. I would definitely say it is heartwarming though. I particularly enjoyed the contrasting endings the two women protagonists are subject to, both ‘happy endings’ in their own way. Yes, as the cover quote suggests, I did shed an involuntary tear or two. Oh! And this is the first book I have ever read with a lesbian main character.

Marks: 7/10 – mainly for the plot but I’m glad I bought it.


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