Whilst we are talking about books.

I picked up Michael Palin’s diary again because it’s one of the books I only got half way through then lost in a fit of MSc and other madness. Anyway, I’ll review when I finally finish but having read a coupe of pages (starting from where I left off) already I have laughed out loud and want to comment on something which he mentions. I’m afraid it may involve anal rape.

Romans in Britain

(mentioned by MP as he has a pile injection on the 15th March 1982, the day after he gave his granny a life-size cut out of Maggie Thatcher “whom she hates” for her birthday – I really, really want to meet this guy… I don’t know how old he is now.)

So, I saw this play at The Crucible in Sheffield a good long while ago. The thing I remember most was the rape scene and the brilliant set design.

Here’s a review of the production I saw from 2006.

And here is another, better, review.

Note the “ludicrous prosecution” – I read that she dropped the case eventually.


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