Desert Island Discs

I posted this on my old blog and thought I’d re-post. ūüôā

I may yet change my mind but, right now, these would be my choices for Desert Island Discs:

1) Are you ready for a miracle? – LeAnn Rimes. If I were stuck on a desert island I’d be hoping for one of these. Love gospel music. Used to sing this at Uni.

2) Living on a prayer РBon Jovi. Another song from my Uni days. Reminds me of club nights and I think it was my first karaoke song too! (No, I lie, it was Like a Virgin Рa night I will happily forget).

3) Finale РHair Spray. Love musicals. This song always makes me smile and want to get up and dance.

4) I am so proud (Mikado) РGilbert and Sullivan. I spent the best part of my Uni life in the G&S society. My stage debut was as a chorus member in the Mikado.

5) Windmills of your mind РNoel Harrison. This may be a bit depressing but a good cry might, ironically, cheer me up a bit.

6) Always look on the bright side of life – Monty Python. Life of Brian is my favourite film and I never tire of seeing it.

7) Moonlight Sonata (III Movement if I have to choose) – Beethoven. An old school friend bought me a CD of Beethoven’s piano music as a birthday present at school and I still play it now. We’re still friends and have never solved the Mozart vs Beethoven argument. To me, Beethoven is the most passionate composer of them all.

I noticed that some previous Desert Island Disc attendees have chosen some radio sketches to take with them, in that case I’ll cheat and take:

8) The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Рradio show. The funniest thing I have ever heard.

Favourite Record: Beethoven

Book: Complete Works of H. G. Wells.

Luxury item: Tea

And a bonus question: After seeing the Time Machine (film version) for the nth time. Which three books would you have taken to rebuild society from scratch?

*answers on a postcard please* (or in the comments)


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