I Show I Sham Not



I went to Lamport Hall, an historical home near The Village, the other day. It was the home of the Baronets of Isham before it fell to ruin, so much so that the National Trust wouldn’t take it on. Bad Barts (G&S joke klaxon).

Luckily, the Isham Trust took the job on and have restored it to some of its former glory. It really was quite interesting. They’ve borrowed some really early furniture. Also, one of the Baronets (Charles Isham) used to collect garden gnomes, in fact he brought the first gnome to England. Take that information as you will. Lampy the Lamport Gnome won a Blue Peter badge for appearing on the show. He is also insured for £1 million.  Another Baronet became a Hollywood Star: Gyles Isham.

Their family motto was: Ostendo non Ostento. This loosely translates as the above, which in turn, loosely translates as a pun, I believe.

It’s worth a visit. Be sure to ask at the ticket desk for the key to the Church.




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