Twelfth Night and Modern Art

Today I learned that the RSC Theatre here (before the 2002 refurbishment) was the first building designed by a woman in England. By a 29 year old woman. In 1927: a time when she couldn’t even vote. She also employed women to complete the design of various items. I like her: Elizabeth Scott.

I also saw lots of this:

It’s a grain of rice. Why? There is an exhibition at the theatre using rice grains as people. That sounds silly but it really works. It’s really simple. There are white bits of paper with names or types of people written on them and a performer updates the rice when necessary. It showed that there are about the same number of millionaire’s in the world as refugees. The number of billionaires in the world of which most are unmarried males… The number of millionaires in the cabinet – all bar 2, I think. It showed the population of Baghdad in 1300 to be huge but in 1900 it was less than the population of London – why, I wonder? Loads of other stuff too some relating to Shakespeare and, of course, Condoleezza Rice.

Twelfth Night is now my all time favourite Shakespeare play. If music be the food of love, play on!


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