A day in the life of my body.

06:00 Awake? But we don’t leave to go to work for another 2 hours yet. Hush brain. I will lie still and wait for Chris Moyles.

06:50 Ah, Chris Moyles. Another hour in bed before breakfast. No? What? Get up, brain. I will do no such… Oh, alright then. Must be some sort of special day or emergency or something.

07:00 Clothing action done. Tooth cleaning action done. Orange juice drinking action. Packing a bag action. Packing another bag action.

07:10 What is this? We are leaving the house. Must be a really special day. Maybe I will get to do the eating cake action. Which, admittedly is slightly harder after a few of the drinking glasses of wine actions. Maybe I’ll get to do that too.

07:30 Oh my God. Swimming. Not an action for this time of day surely unless this is an emergency situation. It must be… SWIMMING ACTION.

08:15 Ah, now to lie in nice, safe hot water jacuzzi. Let’s try and trick brain into thinking it’s time for sleep.

08:45 Nope, driving again. Probably just another boring day at work. Stomach’s looking forward to eating actions.

09:15 Is that it for eating? Well. Emergency situation it must be.

09:30 Typing.

12:30 And that’s all we get for lunch? Stomach, prepare yourself for a seige.

14:00 Talking. Sit still. Arm movements. Talking.

15:00 Typing

16:30 Home time! More driving action. Walking. Where are we now?

17:00 Woo hoo (stomach agrees)! Eating action.

17:30 Eating action.

18:00 Drinking action.

18:15 Sitting means sleeping. What’s that, brain? Driving? DRIVING ACTION!

18:30 Toilet action.

19:00 Sitting.

20:00 Still sitting. Brain, it’s time for sleep. No arguments.

21:00 Sitting. I thought I said no arguments, brain.

22:00 Sitting. TV? At this time of night?

23:00 Lie still. Ahhhh.


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