Book 7: 21st Century Dodos (Steve Stack)

I’ve run out of “The Pirates!” books for the moment (would you believe my local library doesn’t have them in stock… and I’m on an economy drive for a bit so can’t Amazon them for anything more than 1p). All is good though, no pirating adventures just means we’re now on to the second of Steve Stack’s books whilst I navigate the mammoth 700+ page medieval murder mystery.

So, you’ve seen all those lists of animals that we can no longer choke with our plastic and oil but you have not seen a list of extinct er… things. It’s basically a whole book of nostalgia.

I remember the old Ford Escorts my parents used to own, milk bottle deliveries and blackboards at school (I’ve seen these interactive white boards – they are, albeit very high-tech, just plain wrong). I do not remember Betamax. I did not know the origin of the shop Argos. I didn’t even know that Grandstand was no longer. However, Teletext’s Bamboozle game was great fun as I remember, whilst I have these rose-tinted spectacles on. I always knew I missed the VCR and endless youthful days spent reading Smash Hits magazine (though I wouldn’t admit it). I never knew, until now, how much I missed nuns.

Of course, this was yet another e-book and, of course, I think it would be better off on my mum’s loo book shelf (she actually has one of those – see previous photo post). It does make me wonder if books themselves will ever become extinct. What do you think? Answers on a postcard please.

5/10 – a good loo book but less of a page turner.


God help us all.


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