Book 6: Shotgun Gravy (Chuck Wendig)

I’ve changed my mind about e-books. If I hadn’t had the opportunity to download this for free, I would never have read it and, boy, would I have been missing out. The thing that striked me the most is this book is brutal, straight down the line, almost aggressive in style. It’s like I’ve stepped into a typical private detective story, “she opened the door, her eyes hit me like a loaded Kalashnikov…” or something, only much, much better than that.  Yet, it’s about teens. But then for lots of kids childhood is tough as shit. And I do love to see the downtrodden and bullied get their own back a little.

Also, in my eyes, the sign of a good book is a great squid simile and this book has an awesome squid simile.

6/10 – I’m going to read the other three in this series too.


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