Book 5: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling (Gideon Defoe)

Look, just because they’re not proper grown up books doesn’t mean I’m not meeting my quota. Also, I am reading a proper grown up book too which I will finish because it’s the fifth in the series of four medieval murder mysteries and I love them. My problem is that it’s over 700 (proper grown up size) pages long, so it will take me a little while to finish.

I laughed out loud several times during this book, had to look up “Sapphic”, am now very curious about whether the origin of “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey” is really true and I might look up keel-hauling. I might not. It sounds nasty.

Edit: 9/10 – as below.

As if I need an excuse for a picture of Cap'n Jack...


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