Not Going Out

You may not have heard, but I’m ill and, therefore, not in London as I should be now. Anyway, in my invalid state I managed to watch Starship Troopers (amongst many other things) Wow. That was a film. I bet you’ve seen it but, if you haven’t, it’s basically High School Prom vs Man-Killing alien bugs – lots of bugs.   I also learnt today that there are almost as many sequels as bugs…

In other SF news, watching Voyage Home. Question: If Spock can compute Time Travel there and back relatively easily – why is it not being done all the time in the ST Universe? Hmmm?

Also, I have an urge to re-watch Lord of the Rings.

Oh, I’m talking rubbish. Here, have another cute puppy:

RANDOM EDIT: What if Spock had a baby? Has anyone written this yet?


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