Book 4: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (Gideon Defoe)

And surprisingly I am not behind in my endeavour (yet). Mainly this is because I am reading very short books and not a full length novel in sight (not technically true, I have loads on my table here).

This is an excellent book for non-taxing escapism if you are wanting an evening off, say, studying for an MSc. Both funny, engaging, with the odd fascinating fact snuck in (even some chemistry related) and not just for the kiddie winkies. I can’t wait for the film!

There are several in the series, guess what I will be reading over the next couple of months whilst I finish off my dissertation.

No, not War and Peace…

Edit: I was so excitied I forget about marks out of ten! 9/10 – purely because I have to call it a kids book.


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