Book 3: It Is Just You: Everything’s Not Shit (Steve Stack)

This is the first e-book I have read from cover to cover and, can I say, Steve Stack is right, everything isn’t shit but e-books are. I had to stop to have a bath and this is exactly the kind of book I’d take to read in a bath.  I’d call this a good toilet book – no, not a book that you flush or use for looroll but one that you can easily pick up for a short period of time, flick to page 64 or similar, read something interesting, funny or sweet then put it down for tomorrow. The book is basically an alphabetical list of things that aren’t shit. It includes a lot of entries I would agree with, some that I have never thought or heard of and some that I think are plain rubbish. I do think I’ll put the films he mentions on my Love Film list and I definitely agree with Poppy Day, skimming stones, bubble wrap and One Man and His Dog, to name a few.

To back up my theory that e-books are rubbish, I bought 5 books for 50p each at the library on the way home and fit those and the 6th I was reading in my handbag to carry to the car. I will not  listen to anyone try and tell me that they are travelling anywhere within a defined space of time that involves reading more than 6 books. No, I am not Mary Poppins.

6/10 – it got an extra point because I have also learned this magic fact: Sir Patrick Moore once played Saint Saen’s The Swan with Albert Einstein on the violin. I will need to look into this further!

My, my aren’t I doing well with my pledge? I haven’t read a full novel in 2012 yet. Let’s see if I can rectify that next.


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