Little bit of a book review…

Just a little bit. Mainly because all I’m going to say, in my less than usual non-smug, non-trying-to-sound-clever way, is that Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff” is, quite frankly, the best Vimes book he has written. BUT ONLY because I’ve read all the preceding Watch/Vimes books of the Discworld series which lead nicely through Sam Vimes’ life to His Grace’s present time. AND because I am completely in love when Vimes myself (and a little bit in love with his wife… and smitten with his son).

I don’t quote books really so I’m only slightly tempted to do this now, if I could re-find the page, but mark my words this is a quotable book.

All I can really think of now though is, oh Gods, poor lovely Terry Pratchett is ill and will die sooner than I want him to (which is never) and I will never know what Young Sam grows up to be and THE SERIES WILL HAVE TO END ONE DAY. And I hate the passage of time.

That is all.


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