Book Review: Gradisil (Adam Roberts)

So, you liked the review, huh? Here’s another. He is my favourite alive SF author.


This is the first book I ever read by Roberts. I recommend reading them all. It’s been a while since I actually read it and I don’t have a copy because it was borrowed from the library but the sheer fact I can remember it is enough!

Gradisil by Adam Roberts

Alright, so it’s not slick. But that’s why I like it. I can imagine myself being able to write in this style, if only I had the ability to think up such fantastic ideas and, to be fair, such weird sex! It’s about (wo)man’s relationship with technology. And SPACE! 

The man writes what is called “high concept” science fiction.  In fact, I’ve heard him called the “King of High Concept Science Fiction.”  High concept basically means SF that is based on an idea that is certain to appeal to a large audience, apparently, according to some random website. Meh. It’s as niche as it is universally intriguing. 

I’ve not read any better contemporary SF. Even if, like me, you read the book from a library (actually, I’d prefer it if you use the library), please do read it.

Not quite...


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