Zeitgeist Eins

Guten Tag!

There will still be some random posting that serves no purpose other than to give you an insight into my weird life in or not in The Village where I live. I do have a story to write up too. My general idea is to write a story around every element in the Periodic Table. We’ve already had Carbon (C also being the Chemical Symbol for Carbon) and the next will be, well, you’ll see.  I’m not doing them in any kind of order!

I discovered this website the other day: http://girlsaregeeks.com/ It looks most interesting. I particularly like the Geek Bras.

There’s a wonderful exhibition at the British Museum at the moment called “Out of this World”. It’s all about Science Fiction books. I’ve been about 5 times but sadly don’t think I’ll make it again (I was a bit naughty and got the Doctor Who TARDIS picture you see in Carbon Copy from there.) I urge you to check it out if you’re in the London area. The last time I went I wrote down a list of about 50 books that I want to read which I will list here, I think, in due course. As good a place as any. You never know, I might even get into book reviews.

Here is another photo I shouldn’t have taken at the British Library:

It's a Giant Squid....... ARGH!

Bis Bald!



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